Teen Patriots

We are so fortunate to have so many teens volunteering to serve as Teen Patriots at this year’s Liberty Camp For Kids and Little Patriots’ Village. We appreciate their willingness to volunteer and look forward to expanding our program to accommodate a larger number of teens for next year.

Teen Patriots – While our Liberty Camp and our Little Patriots’ Village are wonderful experiences for the elementary campers, we are fortunate to have some returning young adults, grades 7 and up, who help with our groups. They act in plays, prepare the ship for the Boston Tea Party, help our little soldiers prepare to travel across the icy waters of the Delaware with George Washington, or ready the quills and ink for the signing of the Declaration. Some like to visit our wardrobe room and dress the part they are playing or wear their staff T-shirt.

If you  are applying to be a Teen Patriot, please note your preferences of assignment. We also need help with escorting groups and doing the behind the scenes work of readying the stations or assisting in areas when the need arises. Email  your questions to: LibertyCampForKids@att.net.

Teen Patriot Application Form (online)