Liberty Camp For Kids Authorization Forms

The undersigned hereby request and approve entrant's registration and participation in the Liberty Camp For Kids. In consideration of such registration, the undersigned hereby agree: that entrant's participation will be at the sole risk of entrant and the undersigned without liability to the Liberty Camp For Kids and their officers, members, and agents, all of whom the undersigned hereby agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless from any and all claims and expenses resulting from or relating to entrant's said participation.
My child/ren, ______________________________________, can only be picked up by the following people listed below. The adult may be asked to show a legal ID before the child is released. Please drop off you child/ren at the registration table/area. Your child will be escorted by their group leader to the sign out area where you will sign them out at the end of the day. For safety reasons, we ask that you do not walk to meet them, but rather wait until the group leader indicates that they are ready for you to sign them out. Family sign outs will be handled separately. If we have a weather emergency, you will be contacted. Please provide the number you wish to use for this emergency weather contact.
On Founders' Friday, we are having a picnic. Parents and siblings are invited to attend. The main course and lemonade will be provided. If you prefer another beverage, please feel free to bring one for you and your family. Parents attending the picnic are requested to bring an item from the list below that will serve 6-8. We will have a signup sheet on Wednesday if you are unsure at this time. Please bring a picnic blanket.
We will be attending
We will not be attending
We will bring a salad
We will bring fruit
We will bring a snack
We will bring a dessert